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Can the xPBA4 module support a 4-20 mA output with the addition of a resistor circuit?


Have a device that requires a 4-20 mA current signal to drive it but only have a 0-10Vdc output available. Can this be accomplished with a resistor bridge on the 0-10Vdc output? 




The xPBA4 does not support driving a current output by default.


It does not look like those outputs will be able to support a 20mA signal. The datasheet does not specify this but looking at another controller with a similar output, the i2867, we can see that the output rating for the 0-10Vdc output is 5mA maximum, 2Kohm minimum impedance. This would not be enough to drive a 4-20mA device.

It may be possible to get a third party voltage to current convertor but then again it may just be easier to use one of the xPAO4's that already supports a 4-20mA output. I suggest using an xPAO4.

The xPAO4 module can output current as well as voltage. The module has three pins on each output terminal; current (I), voltage (V), and ground (GND). It can output both 0-10VDC as well as 4-20mA.

Connect your device that needs 4-20mA to the I and GND terminal and create your output with an ElecType set to Current. See datasheet Andover Continuum xP Expansion I/O Family for details on each available module.

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