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Can the xPUI4 and xPDI8 be configured with supervised inputs?


Can the xPUI4 and xPDI8 expansion modules be configured in CyberStation to have the supervised ElecType?


xPUI4 xPDI8 xPUI-4 xPDI-8


Can the xPUI4 and xPDI8 be used for supervised inputs?


The xPUI4 can be configured with supervised inputs.

The xPDI8 cannot be configured with supervised inputs.

Note: For UL1076 listed security systems, the xPUI4 Expansion Module inputs must be configured as Supervised.

Note: The xPDI8 Expansion Module does not support supervised inputs and cannot be used in UL1076 installations. 

The above notes come from Document # 30-3001-504 UL 294 Access Control and UL 1076 Proprietary Burglar Alarm Systems Reference

If using an ACX or bCX controller the xPBD4 and xPBA4 modules may also be used for supervised inputs, these are not compatible with the i2 or b3 controllers.

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