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Can xP Expansion Modules be Hot-Swapped?


Electrostatic Discharge Required: Always discharge static electricity from your person by touching metal prior to handling any hardware. Failure to do so may result in damage to devices.


Need to replace or add an xP expansion module.


xP Expansion Module 


When replacing or adding an xP expansion module must the controller be powered off?


When replacing or adding an xP expansion module the controller must be powered off, i.e., hot-swapping is not allowed.

Adding an expansion module to a controller requires the controller to be cold-started.  

After the cold-start the CPU light on the first xP module should blink once at a rate of about once every 2 seconds. This is considerably slower than the controller it is connected to.

If a second xP module is connected it also has about 2 seconds between flashes, but it will flash twice indicating it is detected as the second module.

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