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Can you mix HVAC and Security versions on the same system?


When adding a workstation to be used for security can I use a SEC version of the software even though other workstations have Integrated (INT) security keys for HVAC parts of the system?


Continuum Workstation and Web Client all versions

Security Key, Dongle.


Mixing Security key options on different workstations could have undesired effects.


It is not recommended to mix the security key options on different workstations, Continuum uses the Security levels to determine exactly what information a User can see or change.

So any system user should be able to log onto any workstation in the system and see the same information.

All Keys should also support the same I/O point count and Cyberstation version to operate correctly.

An exception to this may be the badging option -B that may only be required on certain workstations.

See Lessons Learned #7776 for a full list of options.

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