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Cannot Save or Backup G3 Station after upgrading to version 3.7


After upgrading a station to version 3.7,  saving and backing up the station fails every time. Any changes made in the station are erased once Workbench is closed


Niagara G3 version 3.7


This is a new bug in 3.7, and should be fixed with next major release (3.8).  Control points copied from inside the BacnetNetwork to outside the BacnetNetwork causes the issue.



Control points with BBacnetProxyExt who are descendants of any Bacnet Network should be fine. You need to look for places you copied a control point from inside the BacnetNetwork to outside the BacnetNetwork.  There is a workaround:

1. In the station, go to Config > Services > ProgramService. Click the "Find Objects" button
2. In the Bql Query Builder window click the "Of type" drop-down, and select (Custom Type)
3. In the middle drop-down, select bacnet. In the right-most drop-down, select BacnetProxyExt. Click OK. A list of BACnet objects will appear
4. If any BacnetProxyExts show up outside the bacnet network, then their parent control point needs to be deleted, or replaced with a regular control point without a BBacnetProxyExt Proxy Extension

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