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Cannot access WPT manuals from within the WorkPlace Tech Tool software


Selecting the "WorkPlace Tech Tool Help" function from the WPT help menu brings up a Schneider Electric TAC I/A Series product splash screen but there is no way to access the documentation from that menu.  The external web based links are functional but none of them work without Internet access.


WorkPlace Tech Tool software version 5.8.x


The document browser requires the capability of running local active-x controls on the computer.


Due to tightened application and internet security policies, some computers have the default browser configured to block the use of local active-x controls.

To allow these menu functions to run, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Internet Explorer and select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu.  Note: Different versions of the browser use different methods for displaying the tools menu.
  2. In the Internet Options window, select the Advanced tab.
  3. In the list of settings shown in the settings box, scroll down to the "Security" section.
  4. Check the checkbox for the option "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer"
  5. Clock the [Apply] button then the [OK] button at the bottom of the Internet Options window.
  6. Close the Help (browser) window.

When you reopen the WorkPlace Tech Tool help window, the documents menu bar will be displayed in the window just above the TAC I/A Series title bar.

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