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Cannot add or link point to a DMS panel with Operator Interface (OPRIF)


The installation comprises of an UltiVist server and several DMS panels networked via ethernet.  When connected serially to one of the DMS panels, with Operator Interface software, symbolic points will not add to the DMS and Microsmart points will not link up to the DMS.


Ultivist all versions

DMS350A, DMS3500 all firmware

Operator Interface (OPRIF) all versions


Database changes required to HVAC I/O modifications.


The PSWRD element must be modified so as to allow point additions and linking via a local (serial) connection. 
When an UltiVist server is networked with a DMS panel, the PSWRD element will contain a "N" flag.

For example, 

PSWRD = 159 03 2 N means that the DMS panel is on a Network with UltiVist.  Commands for creating, linking, and deleting points as well as deleting the entire database are not permitted via OPRIF on a serial connection.

PSWRD = 159 03 2     means that the DMS panel database can be thoroughly manipulated including  point additions, deletions, and linking.

Review the PSWRD element in the Commands and Elements Reference (F-25469) available in the Publication Zone of the iPortal website.

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