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Cannot backup UNC station - getting an error "".


Cannot do a Save Runtime DB. - getting the following error: Connection refused: connect 
    at Method)
    at Source)
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    at tridium.nre.drivers.SocketDriver$TcpSocketFactory.createSocket(
    at tridium.nre.drivers.SocketDriver.create(
    at tridium.nre.drivers.SocketDriver$


Niagara R2, UNC-520, UNC-410


The connection error typically occurs during a database backup when the port used by the UNC has been changed from the default port 80.


If this is the case, a line must be added to the file to specify the new port value.

  1. Open the Admin Tool and log into the UNC (not the station database).
  2. Right-click on the station name that indicates "running" and select Edit > Properties.
    • The window will open (typically indicates autoStart=true and autoRestart=true).
  3. Add a line to this file that specifies the new port.
    • Example: If the station database was configured to use port 8080, the line would read ... httpPort=8080
  4. Choose File > Close and save when prompted.
  5. Reboot the UNC for change to take place

You should now be able to successfully backup the database. The details of this procedure are located in the documentation (Niagara Networking and Connectivity Guide).

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