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Cannot bind a SE7000 Series controller to a MPM controller


The SE7000 Series controller will not bind to a MPM controller with Building Expert version 2.7. SE7000 controller is not listed in the discovery window when a bind is performed. 


SE7000 Series Controllers, VT7000 Series Controllers, MPM Controllers


It was determined that the SE7000 controller had the old Zigbee module installed. Starting with Building Expert 2.7, the SE7000 Series stats requires the newer Zigbee Pro module in order to connect to the MPM controller.

You can determine if the new module is installed by the part number printed on the Zigbee module. The old Zigbee module has a label with the part number 051-0125R01 printed in it.


The older Zigbee module will have to be replaced with the new Zigbee Pro module, and can be field replaced. The newer Zigbee Pro module can be ordered using part number VCM7000V5045P. The actual part number that will appear on the new Zigbee Pro module label is 051-0132R00. 

The module is the smaller PCB board mounted on the left side of the main PCB board. 
1. Remove the SE7000 controller’s cover. 
2. Carefully remove the Zigbee module form the main board.
    * The main PCB board is hinged on the left and is held in place by two tabs on the right 
    * Gently press the tabs to the right to release the main PCB board and swing it open 
    * Gently depress the 2 plastic mounts that hold the Zigbee module to the main PCB board
    * Remove the Zigbee module being careful not to damage the connection pins.
3. Replace with the new Zigbee module (051-0132R00)
4. Replace the cover.
5. Configure the Zigbee network of the SE7000 controller 

You should now be able to discover the SE7000 controller in the MPM.

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