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Cannot change MNB-controller I/O point COV Increment value


The property list for an Analog Input / Output or Binary Input / Output object in the WorkPlaceTech application shows a "Process Time" parameter:


instead of a "COV Increment" parameter"

Note that for Binary I/O objects, the COV increment is implied as any change of binary value and is not displayed.


MNB series controller WPT application file

MNB series controller with firmware release 1.4 or newer

WorkPlace Tech Tool software, release 5.5 or newer


Prior to firmware version 1.4, the MNB family of controllers did not support COV Subscription functionality.


The existing I/O object must be deleted and recreated, using the WorkPlace Tech Tool software release 5.5 or newer, to allow the use of the COV Increment parameter.

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