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Cannot change a MNB controller's BVSPP point from G3.


A BVSPP point of a MNB controller cannot be changed from G3. MNB controller is at firmware version 1.43. An “ASN error:” is displayed for value in the BACnet Discovery window when discovered in G3.


G3, WorkPlace Tech, All MNB controllers


The MNB application’s BVSPP object was initialized with “NA” in WorkPlace Tech.  The BVSPP object should only be initialized with “On” or “Off”.  The ability to initialize an object with “NA” will be removed in a future version of WorkPlace Tech.


Use WorkPlace Tech to change BVSPP initialized with “NA” to either “On” or “Off” and download application to controller.

If the point still cannot be change from Workbench, then delete the point in the ENC/ENS database, rediscover it and add it back to the G3 database.  The BVSPP point can now be changed from G3.


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