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Cannot edit the graphic because the Graphics Editor has lost connection with the server.


When attempting to edit a graphic on an SBO/EBO ES or AS the Graphics Editor reports it has lost connection.


Graphics Editor


A second instance of the workstation is running on the same computer

The firewall is blocking the connection.

The password was recently changed during the same session


Solution 1

If you use Remote Desktop (RDP) to access the SBO/EBO ES remotely, a second instance of the workstation could be initiated.

Close the workstation on both the remote connection and at the SBO/EBO ES.

Then open the workstation either at the SBO/EBO ES or via remote connection, not both.


Solution 2

Check if the firewall has been enabled while logged in to the SBO/EBO ES or AS, and disable the firewall

Here is an example for McAfee


Solution 3

Make sure the network information (such as gateway) for the PC is entered correctly.


Solution 4

If you just changed the password of the logged in user, log out and in again

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