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Change of state - Dynamic values in alarm text


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  • alarm with dynamic values
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Want a state of change alarm text to show a dynamic value


To present additional information on an alarm when it appears in the
alarms list, such as a temperature reading for a high temperature alarm,
dynamic values can be included in the alarm text.

The character @ followed by the identity of an object can be used in
alarm texts to present the value of the object (the standard property),
according to the syntax “Alarm text @object-ID “.

You may also single out a specific object property by adding a dot and
the name of the property, according to the syntax Alarm text@object-ID.mnemonic1

This function is very useful if you want to present additional text with,
for example, the description or a measurement unit of an object in the
alarm text.

Note: Priority "Info" will not work since this is a message priority and not a alarm priority

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