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Change the "Snap To Grid" size in TGML Graphics Editor


SmartStruxure and Vista 5.1.8 and later TGML editors have an option to change the grid size whereas earlier versions of TGML were hard coded at 5 pixels.


TGML Graphics Editor


Being able to change the grid size to a larger value allows for quicker and easier alignment of graphics objects. Being able to change it to a smaller value allows for more precise positioning.


  1. In the TGML Editor, find the "Show Grid" option in the main toolbar
  2. There is a small down arrow to the right of this icon that will pull down a menu for selecting the desired grid size
  3. Toggle "Show Grid" to display the grid size on the graphic work area
  4. Toggle "Snap to Grid" to turn on and off fixed positioning of items on this grid.

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