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Changing BACnet Port for Continuum Cyberstation


Changing BACnet Port for Continuum Cyberstation


  • Continuum Cyberstation
  • BACnet controllers


Changing the BACnet Port number that Continuum Cyberstation communicates on


By default Continuum Cyberstation communicates on port 47808 in hexadecimal that is BAC0. The BACnet controllers BCX & B4920 have the ability to have their default ports changed. If you change the BACnet port of a BACnet master and want to communicate with the Continuum workstation, you'll need to make a registry change in each workstation.

Changing the Continuum Workstation BACnet port

This key location is different in 32-bit and 64-bit systems. In 32-bit; the key to change is located in the registry at the path "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Andover Controls\Continuum\Settings". In 64-bit; the key location is now under the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Andover Controls\Continuum\Settings\" key.

Once you're at that path you'll notice a key named "Cyberstation Port" .The value is stored in hexadecimal, so to change it make sure that you enter your new value in hexadecimal. After changing the value in the registry, the Continuum Cyberstation will need to be restarted.

Changing the BCX or B4920 BACnet port

To change the port on the BACnet controllers either BCX or B4920, open the configuration page in Internet Explorer by putting in the IP address and edit the port settings to the port number that you are changing to. This number will be in regular decimal format. Once changed make sure you save your
change and commit the changes to the controller which will restart the controller.

Changing the Continuum Workstation BACnet port example.

Open the registry editor from Start\Run and enter regedit from the workstation. and explore down to the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Andover Controls\Continuum\Settings and open the Cyberstation Port key and enter BAC1 which is hex for 47809. If you have the Continuum Cyberstation running you'll need to restart the Cyberstation Once restarted, open the continuum explorer and select the Root and right click and select find new BACnet devices. The controller you have changed will appear as will all of its MSTP devices.

Changing the port on a BACnet master controller example.

To change the BCX/B4920 BACnet port to 47809 which is BAC1 in hexadecimal. Then log onto the configuration page of the BCX and change the BACnet Port Number -UDP, notice it is displayed in hex but on the controller configuration page you'll change the number using regular decimal. We'll change this to 47809, apply our changes and then on the left hand side select commit and apply on the commit page, which will restart the controller and the new port changes will be in effect.

NOTE: If you already have BACnet network established, first delete my whole BACnet side, since after making port changes you don't want other controllers making an attempt to communicate with the previous port number in its known routing table. 

IMPORTANT: Anytime you edit a registry, make sure you have backed up the registry and have a contingency plan in case you edit or delete some that that you should not have.


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