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Changing the Andover97 password in SQL


  • The network administrator requires that the SQL Andover97 password be changed every three months. 
  • How will this affect the Continuum System?
  • Is it necessary to do a Database Initialization each time the password is changed?

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • Andover97
  • SQL
  • Database Initialization


Once the Andover97 password has been changed, the workstations will lose their connection with their access to the database until the workstation (not the database) can be initialized with the new password. This will be indicated by a Database Fault error at the workstations. 


The proper way to change to transition to the new password is to:

  1. Shut down all cyberstations.
  2. Change the Andover97 password in SQL.
  3. Launch Continuum Database Initialization.
  4. Select Workstation and enter the new password on the Database page, then select OK.
  5. Relaunch all cyberstations. 

Once the password is changed, it is only necessary to do perform a workstation initialization (not a database initialization), but this must be done on each workstation.


Refer also to the following article that discusses how Continuum uses the sa password: When is the SQL System Admin (sa) password required?

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