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Changing the Automation Server HTTP / HTTPS ports


Changing the Automation Server HTTP / HTTPS ports


Automation Server version 1.3


There is a need to change the Automation Server's HTTP and / or HTTPS ports from the default ports of 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS).


The HTTP / HTTPS ports of the Automation Server can be changed from StruxureWare Building Operation Webstation. 

  • From a web browser*, connect and log on to the Automation Server.
  • After you have logged on, click on 'Settings' near the top right corner and select 'Device Configuration'.

  • The TCP/IP configuration page should appear. From here, you can change the HTTP / HTTPS ports. 


* Supported web browsers for StruxureWare Building Operation at version 1.3 are Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (32-bit) and 9 (32-bit), Firefox 4 or later (32-bit).

Firefox 4 or later (32-bit)
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