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Changing the SD card in a AS to another AS?


An AS has failed and there is no backup. Can the SD card from the broken AS be used in a new AS



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StruxureWare Building Operation


AS has failed without any backup and there is a need to get the information to the new AS


The SD card in each AS is encoded for that specific AS. The information on the SD card can only be read by that AS.

The faulty AS can sent back for repair via your regions return procedure.

However it is possible to put the SD card from the damaged AS into a non damaged AS and do a backup. Then the backup can be restored into a new AS. It is not reccommended to simply put the SD card into a new AS and run the system. It is suggested to make a backup and restore. 

Important note: The version of the bad AS / SD card needs to match the donor AS used to make the backup.

To remove the memory card you push the metal retainer in towards the centre of the PCB

The metal retainer will disengage its locking catches

The metal retainer is hinged and can then be opened

The memory card can then be lifted out for replacement

Replacement is the reverse of the removal process.

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