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Cheat Sheet outlining the basic procedure of creating an LNS Network in LonMaker.


If steps used in creating a LNS network are performed in an incorrect order, you can get many errors which can be easily avoided. While this should not replace the Engineering LNS Networks manual  it can be used as a quick reference.

Follow this link to access the complete Manual


  • LonMaker 3.X
  • Vista System Plug-in


There are several steps to perform in order to create and update an LNS Network using LonMaker.


LonMaker Cheat Sheet

  1. Create new LNS Network in LonMaker
  2. Set path to Vista DB in Server Setup
  3. Start TAC Server
  4. Open TAC System Plug-In
  5. Drag and drop Devices from Stencils
  6. Assign .MTA to Xenta Devices
  7. You will be prompted to Resynchronize, say no.
  8. Assign I/O Modules
  9. Set Neuron IDs
  10. Update Vista DB
  11. Create Group Bindings
  12. Resynchronize drawing (fix up)
  13. Download Application and Parameters
  14. Commission Base Units and Modules
  15. Commence Communication
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