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Command Window is flashing up when Continuum is running


Command Window is flashing up when Continuum is running, the window has some text but flashes too quick to read


Windows 7 XP Command Dos Window


Following an upgrade (include new PCs) from a Stand Alone, pre v1.82 installation the Workstation within Continuum retains it's PE Programs


Following an upgrade (include new PCs), Workstations PE Programs should be checked to see if they are still required.

Stand Alone Utilities could be used for a number of tasks on pre v1.82 installations and included a number of PE programs calling batch files and SQL queries.

If these PE Programs are still running following an upgrade, then they will be calling batch files and SQL queries that do not exist on the new PC.
Disable or delete these programs

One way of seeing what is in the Command Window is to record the screen using a simple Screen recording program.

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