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Commissioning Issue with MNB-1000 with firmware revision 1.510


The issue occurs when the instance Number is changed.  After the instance number is changed the MNB-1000 will look normal in the current WorkPlace Commissioning Tool (WPCT) session, but the next time WPCT is opened the MNB-1000 will either be unable to be found or the controller icon will be displayed as a gray rectangle with a question mark in it.


Selecting Extended Data will cause a loss of communications with the controller as signified by red exclamation point (!).


Any MNB-1000 with 1.510 firmware


This is a firmware issue present in 1.510 only.


Cycling power to the MNB-1000 after changing the instance Number will correct the issue.

Once communications is established upgrade the MNB-1000 firmware version 1.511 to prevent the possibility of this happening in the future.

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