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Communication Port does not come online in Vista Classic


Communication Port does not come online in Vista Classic.  The port is correctly configured in Vista and Device Manager reports it as working correctly.



Loytec NIC-USB

Loytec NIC-709

Echelon PCLTA

Echelon U10

Echelon U20

Lonworks network


The communication port must be connected to a Lonworks network before either object will appear online in Vista.  When the communication port is first created it will appear offline even if it is correctly configured.


1.  Create a communication port object in Vista Classic and configure it according to the manufacturers recommendations.  It will appear offline in Vista at this point.

2.  In Vista 4.5 and above, right-click on the communication port and select New>Device>Lonworks Network.

3.  In the Wizard which pops up, tick the box 'Use existing port/server.

4.  Ensure that the correct port is selected in the drop-down list.

5.  Click 'Finish'

6.  In Vista press F5 to refresh the display.  Both communication port and network are now online (green)

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