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Configuration of BACnet Foreign Device Registration


Configuration of BACnet Foreign Device Registration


  • BACnet device
  • BBMD
  • Foreign device


Register foreign device to receive broadcast messages.


Configuration of Foreign Device Registration

When configuring a Foreign Device Registration on a B/IP BACnet Network. The foreign device only needs to register with one BBMD on a B/IP Network. The BBMD that has the foreign device registered creates a table called FDT (Foreign Device Table) internally which is different from the BDT(Broadcast Distribution Table) that the BBMD's use. Once the FDT confirms the foreign device, it is up to the BBMD to distribute BACnet communications to the necessary BBMD's in its

There can be multiple Foreign Devices on a subnet that need to communicate to BBMD on another subnet. A Foreign Device will not broadcast  messages it receives on the subnet it is on.

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