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Configuration of automatic login into a Xenta Server


Some customers may specify that the login screen to a Xenta Server be bypassed.


  • Xenta 511, 527, 555, 701, 711, 721, 731, 913


When accessing a Xenta Server using a web browser a username and password are required by default.


  1. Configure the user you want to automatically log in to the Xenta Server
  2. Generate a certificate
    To avoid having the certificate error pop up every time you connect to the Xenta Server, go to XBuilder, and generate a certificate that has the same name as the IP address of the Xenta Server.
  3. Edit Slogin.html and loggedout.html
    1. Connect to the Xenta Server using FTP
    2. The Slogin.html and loggedout.html are located in the folder www/index
      Copy the files to your local hard drive
    3. Edit the files with, for instance, notepad and change the following
      Line 54
      document.AuthForm.UserID.focus(); send(AuthForm);"

      Line 98
      input type="text" name="UserID" value="" size="20" >
      input type="text" name="UserID" value="user" size="20" >

      Line 104
      input type="password" name="PassWord" value="" size="20">
      input type="password" name="PassWord" value="password" size="20">

      Line 5 (extra line, add < symbol at beginning of line)
      meta http-equiv="refresh" content="2;url=/www/index/Slogin.html">
  4. Carry out the changes
    1. Reconnect to the Xenta Server using FTP
    2. Change the names of the files that are already in the Xenta Server (Backup)
    3. Copy the files that from your hard drive to the Xenta Server
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