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Configure a Xenta 5/7/9xx for no timeout log out.


Configure a Xenta 5/7/9xx for no timeout log out.


  • Xenta Servers
  • Xenta 511, 527, 555, 701, 711, 721, 731, 913


A Xenta 5/7/9xx controller is set up with certain predefined time out durations for logging out inactive users.  While you cannot disable this feature, you can set the duration sufficiently long to effectively eliminate the log out if desired.


  1. Generate a certificate.  To avoid the certificate error every time you connect to the Xenta 5/7/9xx, go to XBuilder, and generate a certificate that has the same name as the IP address of the Xenta.
  2. Edit the file viewuser.html.  Connect to the Xenta using FTP.  For example Internet Explorer ftp://:@
    viewuser.html is located in the folder www/config.  Save the file on your hard drive.  Edit the file with Notepad, and add the following correction to viewuser.html
    Line 159:  Add another Option tag with a value of "259200000" and description of 3000 days following the form of the previous entries.
  3. Carry out the changes.  Connect to the Xenta using FTP.  Change the name of the file in the Xenta (Backup)
    Copy the file the you have on your hard drive to the Xenta.
  4. Activate "no logout."  Go to the configuration page in the Xenta.  Select "3000 days" for log out
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