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Configuring DPU restore host functions.


How to configure Automatic DPU restore host functions?

What is Automatic DPU Restore Host?


I/NET Seven up to 1.15 to 2.10


On larger I/NET Seven applications configured for File Equalization on building network backbones, it was found that temporary visitor badges and schedules were downloaded by multiple Hosts to multiple door controllers increasing network communications simultaneously caused this. By selecting a Primary Download Host (or a Secondary Download Host), I/NET can manage and assign responsibility for downloads concerning this information.


Combining DPU Online Message Restores, DPU Memory Failure Restores and Temporary badges in the DPU Restore Host functionality, I/NET Seven more efficiently manages network traffic.. Please use the following white paper for configuration setup: Setting up Restore Host.doc

For more detail please see customer advisor CA-2004-05.

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