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Configuring IA MNL Flow Balance software for use with Windows 7 64. Error 1904 during loading software.


The file structure is incorrect for MNL-FLOW-BAL 3.0 software for use with Windows 7 64 bit OS.  The FlowBalance.exe needs to be run in Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compatibility mode.



















Windows 7 64 bit


The paths for certain files being used by the software cannot be modified.  When loaded on a 64 bit PC, the default paths are incorrect for the rest of the processes to find.


Manually create and insert the folder structure required. Set the FlowBalance.exe compatibility

  1. Copy the TAC folder in the Program Files (x86) folder from Windows Explorer.
  2. Paste into the Program Files folder
  3. Open the pasted TAC folder and delete all the files except for the XIF folder and the FlowBalance.cfg file in the LON FlowBalance folder. (illustration)
  4. Right click the FlowBalance.exe icon created on the desktop
  5. Open properties/compatibility tab. Set as in the illustration



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