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Configuring Loytec NIC in Vista


When defining a Communication Port - Loytec the Network interface drop down is empty when the device is connected and recognized by LConfig.


Vista 4.4.0 - 4.5.0

Vista 5.x.x

LoyTec NIC


Vista Server will only display Loytec devices connected to the computer when Vista Server is launched or started. If the NIC was connected to the computer after Vista Server was started it will not be visible until Vista Server is restarted.


To populate the Network interface drop down with the currently connected devices:

  1. Shut down Vista Server
  2. Restart Vista Server
  3. If Vista is running as a service, then LConfig should function as a service also and service dependencies should be utilized to ensure that Vista Server (TACOS.exe) does not start until after LConfig.
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