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Configuring inputs of Xenta Input Output modules when used as a stand alone Lonworks nodes in StruxureWare Building Operation.


Unable to read the Analog Inputs / Universal Inputs values in StruxureWare Building Operation.


Xenta I/O Modules

Xenta  421A, 422A, 451A, 452A as stand alone LON nodes

StruxureWare Building Operation


When using the Xenta Input Output modules 421A, 422A, 451A, 452A as stand alone Lonworks node, the UCPTConfiguration must be set to the necessary integer value for the required input, by default the values are set to zero so can not be configured.


Please see the supporting documentation for the TAC Xenta 421A/422A and TAC Xenta 451A/452A that gives each nci value for the needed input type.

To configure each input to the correct type please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the node in your Lonworks network
  2. Expand the controller to view all of the inputs, outputs, and configuration properties.
  3. Find the Universal Input module for the input you need to configure, and locate the nciInput(x) variable within that module
  4. Set the value of Absolute count to one of the following :
    1 = 1.8 kohm thermistor
    2 = DI with green indication
    3 = 0-10 vdc
    4 = 0-20 mA
    5 = 10 kohm thermistor
    6 = DI with red indication
    7 = DI with green inverted indication
    8 = DI with red inverted indication


Up to SBO Version 1.7.x



SBO Version 1.8.x and on

in the "Variable Fields" tab overwrite the string "Min" with for example 6 

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