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Connecting lines in WorkPlace Tech stay red even when snapped to an object.


Connecting lines in WorkPlace Tech stay red even when snapped to an object.


WorkPlace Tech


Verify that the Visio "Snap" option has been turned on.


The following procedure can be used to verify this setting.

  1. Open the Workplace Tech Tool and open an application file.
  2. From the "Tools" menu, select "Snap & Glue"
  3. In the displayed window, verify that the following items are checked:
    • Snap (under Currently Active)
    • Glue (under Currently Active)
    • Connecting Points (under Snap to)
    • Connecting Points (under (Glue to)
  4. Click the [OK] button on the "Snap & Glue" window to save the changes and close the window.

Additional "Snap to" options are normally selected by default. These options should remain selected for consistency of operation.
It is suggested, to prevent inadvertent changes to these settings, that the "Snap & Glue" toolbar NOT be turned on.

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