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Connecting the RoamIO / BACnet Service Tool to a stand alone B3 device


Can the RoamIO connect to a stand alone b3 device?



BACnet Service Tool



Need to connect to b3 device that is not on any MSTP


Yes, the RoamIO and BACnet Service Tool can be used to connect to a stand alone b3 device as long as the device already has been assigned a MAC id

If the b3 is brand new and has not yet been assigned a MAC id, you'll have to attach a second b3 that has a MAC id, the RoamIO needs to see traffic on the MSTP in order to perform its auto baud and join the bus.

Connect the RoamIO to the service port on the device.

NOTE: In the View menu make sure the 'View by networks' menu item is NOT selected.

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