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Connecting to a Xenta 527 over the Ethernet


Trying to connect to a Xenta 527 over the web and cannot see it in I/NET, but can access it over the Ethernet


Xenta 527


This occurs mainly because the reference host of the Xenta 527 and the Host PC are not seeing each other.


  1. Verify that all applicable ports are open, especially #50069, all C-Lan terminations are correct, # 19 and 20 on the Xenta 527.
  2. Start I/NET on the Host PC, open I/O Server, verify that TCP/IP is enabled. In the reference host, put in the IP address of the Xenta 527then save the settings.
  3. Connect to the Xenta 527 over the Ethernet, select Configuration Profile and put the IP address of the Host in reference #1 then save the settings.
  4. Restart both the Host and Xenta 527.
  5. Open I/O Server again then click on NP Routers and verify that the Xenta 527 appears in the table.
  6. Close this, then go to Edit Host Computer, Network Configuration, penetrate the link, it should be the Xenta 527’s name, save it. Penetrate the controller and its sub-lan devices should be seen as well, save all at this point.
  7. Close out of these editors and then connect to the controller, go to Summary and verify that you can control the points.
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