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Continuum 2.0 Product Announcement, Feature Blast, Compatibility Matrix and Installation Guides


Quick Lessons Learned access to Continuum 2.0 information




A Lessons Learned article for Continuum 2.0 information in case a product announcement wasn't received


PA-00353 CyberStation & web.Client v2.0 Schneider Electric announces the release of Andover Continuum v2.0 software. Version 2.0 includes a Software licensing option, SMTP email, support for Internet Explorer 10 & 11, and access control enhancements. Version 2.0is a paid upgrade for all prior Andover Continuum versions (i.e. v1.9x and below).

Release Documents:

Feature Blast

Compatibility Matrix

Cyberstation Installation Guide

Webclient Installation Guide

Download Links:

Continuum Cyberstation 2.0 Download

Webclient 2.0 Download

Software license and Ordering and activation process


Please contact Babak Haghayeghi with questions

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