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Continuum Analyzer Failure


Continuum Analyzer Failure


[-] Alarm Integrity Looks for ghost alarm enable flags in the AlarmInfo table Failed
Point AlarmEnrollment ObjectIDHi ObjectIDLo
FireSmk19Closed DigitalOnALM 1015028650 1086324775


Continuum 1.92

Windows XP


File Configuration


  1. download file from here and rename to .xml*
  2. The patch is only for versions 1.92 and V1.93
  3. Shut down CyberStation
  4. Go to C:\Program Files\ContinuumUtilities\Continuum Analyzer\Queries\System Reports\Alarms folder
  5. Rename the file 'Alarm Integrity.xml' to 'Alarm Integrity Old.xml'
  6. Copy the new file to the folder
  7. Run Continuum Analyzer and verify you no longer get the error.

*To download you can RIGHT click on the link and select Save As

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