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Continuum BACNet MSTP devices (b3 controllers) not showing up in BACNet View.


The Continuum BACNet MSTP devices (b3 controllers) are created and do not appear in the BACNet View of the Continuum Explorer when the "Find New BACNet Devices" is performed. In rare cases, they are all showing online in Infinity View and stay stable but some of them are not showing in BACNet View at all. 


  • Continuum Explorer
  • BACNet MSTP devices (b3 controllers)


Most of this issue happens when these BACNet objects are left over in the Continuum database due to an incomplete/unsuccessful delete operation on the BACnet devices that previously existed in the database. 


When this happens, deleting all the objects from BACNet view from Continuum Explorer and redo the "Find New BACNet Devices" will fix it most of the time. But if it does not fix the issue, you need to run the "ACCTrace.exe" utility located in the Continuum directory of the workstation to start the capture and run Ethereal at the same time and do the "Find New BACNet Devices" again. Wait for about 5 minutes and stop capturing the ACCTrace and Ethereal and save the log files. Send the log files to Product support with the Continuum Analyzer log file and the names of the issued MSTP devices which are not showing in the BACNet View. You be required to have the SQL Enterprise Manager available to fix the issue in the database.

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