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Continuum Reports Suite installation issues


Continuum Reports Suite installation issues

Example error message could be
"Unrecoverable Error!"
"Alias 'CURRENT3' is not found"


Continuum Reports Suite


Problem with installation


1. When editing the "Continuum_Reports.dmp" file using Notepad.exe, WordWrap must be unchecked!  Unfortunately, opening "Continuum_Reports.dmp" and unchecking WordWrap is not enough!  When WordWrap is checked, you must uncheck and Exit Notepad.  Then Open "Continuum_Reports.dmp", edit and SAVE AS.  When WordWrap is enabled and changes are made, after you Save and reopen the file, you will notice that is corrupt and all the PE Codes is scrunched into one enormous line, instead of 550+ lines. Alternatively use a different editor, eg. Metapad or notepad++

2. If after editing and importing "Continuum_Reports.dmp", you discover there is no Plain English code or the Programs run, but are stuck on "Init", or other PE import / run issues, this is the result of incorrectly performing the Replacement of the workstation Folder Name.  When the Workstation Folder name and Workstation Name is correctly replaced, the PE programs will import and run properly.

3. After installing Continuum Reports, you should confirm that the installation directory, "C:\Program Files\Continuum_Reports" has Modify privilege enabled for all "Workstation Users".

4. After a Continuum Reports run-time error, run the Windows Task Manager and confirm that the "Reports.exe" Process does not exist.  If it exists, End the Process.

5. If Continuum Reports does not exit normally, temp files will be orphaned in the C:\Program Files\Continuum_Reports\Data directory.  Although orphaned Temp Files do not affect Continuum Reports operation, they occupy disk space.  Temp files have an underscore ("_") as the first character.  To remove orphaned temp files, make sure Reports.exe is not running and CAREFULLY delete those files that have an underscore ("_") as the first character.

6. Continuum Reports needs to be installed using the Setup Application. The Setup Application needs to be run on every workstation and configuration administered locally.

7. Before you install Continuum Reports, the current version must be uninstalled.  Typically, uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't solve any problems.  But when this is done, make sure to delete the directory C:\Program Files\Continuum_Reports\DATA before reinstalling Continuum Reports.

8. Continuum Reports remembers the Continuum Database access parameters, including Server Name, SQL Username and Password.  After installing Continuum Reports, you will need to run "Reset_Password.bat" if the Continuum Database name is not "ContinuumDB", or if appears that Continuum Reports is not accessing the correct database.

9. If the Multi-Facility Report Data Partitioning has been used (17.2e onwards) the Revision Level in the upper right hand corner of the window is Red.  This indicates that Restrictions were enabled.  Therefore the whole database may not be queried. See "Continuum Reports Multi-Facility Report Data Partitioning Administration Guide"

10. It is worth setting a default printer even if one does not exist. (use a pdf printer) If the default printer gets set to say a card printer, it can effect the output of the reports suite

11. See the link below for all software and guides, always read, as required
- ReadMe.txt
- Upgradedoc.txt
- Continuum Reports Installation Guide Rev x.x.pdf
- @ Upgrade - Installation Instructions.pdf reports/tab/documents

12. If you have other queries please contact

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