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Continuum controller grounding requirements.


The electrical contractor failed to pull an ground conductor with the controller power conductors.  


Controller installation.

Controller Power.


Electrical contractor neglected to include a ground conductor when running power to the controller panel.


All installation for the entire Continuum and Infinity controller product lines indicate that the controller power terminal must have a true earth ground connected to the ground terminal.

Continuum controllers require a true earth ground connected to the ground terminal of the controller power strip.  Controller grounding is essential and impacts the controller in several ways including sensor bus communication, input accuracy, processor function and output performance. Improper grounding can also, in some cases, cause damage to the controllers.

The problem with grounding to the electrical enclosure or to the building structure is that each grounding point can have different  a ground potentials. This will especially cause issues with bus communication since all controller signals must be established with respect to the same ground reference. If each controller has a different ground reference the wave forms will be inconsistent.


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