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Continuum is not purging the extended log data.


Continuum general preferences show the system is configured to purge extended log data after X days, yet the extended log data is not purged.




LAN System

The SQL agent responsible for purging extended log data is missing or disabled.

For Single User system see Lessons Learned Article #4757


LAN Systems (for Single User see Lessons Learned Article #4757)

In SQL Server Management Studio expand SQL Server Agent, then expand Jobs

If ExtLog_Purge_ContinuumDB job is present verify its properties (see image below), make sure the job is enabled and properly configured to run.

 If the job does not exist it can be recreated by following these steps:

  1. Close ALL Continuum Cyberstations/Web Client
  2. From SQL Server Management Studio run the following query against the ContinuumDB update ACDBVersion set ACDBVersion = 0
  3. Run Continuum DB Initialization and update the database from the server tab, when prompted to run the ImportExport fixup tool select NO
  4. Verify the job was created then run Continuum

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