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Continuum sometime crashes with ACCDataServices error on Windows 7 workstation


  • Continuum Cyberstation running on Windows 7 machine. 
  • Cyberstation crashes unexpectedly. 
  • Cyberstation crashes when an alarm come is reported.


  • Continuum
  • CyberStation
  • WebClient
  • Outlook


Event notification alarm delivery configured to send email alarms when Outlook is not installed on the workstation.


  1. Either remove the email option from the event notification, or install Outlook and set it up for alarm emailing.
  2. If enhanced alarm delivery is selected (Database Initialization> Server(Stand alone)> See check box
    Ensure that recipient Cyberstations do not have page, log, forward options selected. Only use email if it is being used.
  3. Ensure that if an object is selected in an event notification action (i.e display graphic) that the point that is being alarmed on has that object (graphic) selected.
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