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Controller Reload or send to database failure


When reloading a Net Controller II you receive an OMS error.

A send to database doesn't complete


Continuum 1.92

Windows XP

NetController 1/II



Busy Controller


First Method:

  1. Go to off line editing.
  2. Export the programs and save them to the desktop.
  3. Delete the programs.
  4. Go onLine.
  5. Reload the controller.
  6. Go to off line editing.
  7. Import the programs for the saved export file.
  8. Go onLine.
  9. Reload the controller.

Second Method:

  1. Go to off line editing.
  2. Web over to the NCII  http://ip-address
  3. Select  "Clear Database Backup"
  4. Commit Changes.
  5. Go Online.
  6. Reload the Controller.

Note: At times if the reload is still not working and is failing on certain objects, reloading class by class allows the reload to go through.

Delete programming half of the code at a time to find out what code is causing the issue by process of elimination.

Use a laptop with wireshark installed and a hub and connect to the NC directly and try the reload or send to db and examine the capture.

Replace the controller and see if it works, if so, the controller may need to be permanently replaced.

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