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Controller crashes during reload.


Controller crashes during reload. Error log shows illegal instruction.

0xbadd0004 0x00002000 0x01802174 0x40102000 0x085be4d8 Reset (illegal instruction)


All CX controllers


Incompatible XDriver loaded.

Continuum controllers can be either first or second generation. The XDriver used must be matched with the controller generation.


First generation controllers are 92xx, 94xx, 99xx

Second generation controllers are 9702, 9640, 4xxx, 9680, and 57xx


Load the appropriate XDriver in the controller.

If upgrading a controller such as going from a 9200 to a 9680, review the Third Party Interface Data Sheet to locate the re-compiled second generation Xdriver.

NOTE: Not all XDrivers have been made available for second generation controllers, if the Xdriver is not available check with the third party vendor to see if a standard ModBus or BACnet plug in/upgrade is available for the device.

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