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Controller error log: error transmitting (LAN_ERR_TRANSMIT_ERROR)


Looking in the controller error log, what does this error indicate and how do I troubleshoot it?

0x00006c0e 0x00002600 0x020a8536 0x00000000 0x00000000
error transmitting (LAN_ERR_TRANSMIT_ERROR)

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • Continuum Controllers
  • ControllerErrorLogTool error log report


This error can be the result of comms buffers being too full to transmit data to the LAN.


Check the following:

  1. Check the scan rate of the controller to see if it is high. If high (above 1.0 scans/sec), stop programs to see which may be causing problems.
  2. Are there a lot of remote points being read or written from/to this controller? Try minimizing this traffic by limiting the number of points per program line, set COV Increment values, etc...
  3. If writing to 3rd party controllers, check how often your programs are doing this. Are they being sent each scan or only once when the value is required? Many BACnet writes per second can saturate the communications buffers and cause communications bottlenecks.
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