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Controller reload only takes a few seconds, does not work but generates no error.


When reloading a controller the Distribution Properties displays:

timestamp "The operation 'Reloading objects to Controllers' is starting.

then just 5-10 seconds later

timestamp "The operation 'Reloading objects to Controllers' is finished.

The reload is not successful.



All controllers


The "Send to Controller" Options are not set correctly.


In ContinuumExplorer select  Options >> Send to Controller Options...

In the Send to Controller Options dialog box change the Source Object Options from "Do not reload attached objects" to either of the other two choices, depending on whether or not you want to reload just the network controller (Reload attached objects, but not attached controllers) or you want to reload the network controller and all of its field controllers (Reload attached objects and controllers).

Note: The last choice may take a long, long time depending on the size of the system. That option is rarely used as it resets all field controllers at once, and then reloads them one at a time. 

The first option (Do not reload attached objects) only reloads the controller's dictionary - not the full objects/attributes. 

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