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Controller serial numbers are now being shipped greater than 4,194,303 range (800xxx or 900xxx). Does this cause a problem with the devices BACnet Device Id setting and it's ab...


Previously the BACnet Device Id of the controller would default to the devices serial number, this is no longer possible due to the maximum BACnet Device Id being 4,194,303.

Serial numbers greater than 800xxx can give an error 'Device Node id is out of range' (1 to 4,194,303)


Continuum BACnet Controllers


Concern about what the default BACnet Id will be set to a value higher than what is supported or to a value that has already been set to a previous controller. Will this conflict with existing controllers on a site when adding new controllers when all are using the default BACnet Device Id?


There is an internal calculation done that uses the Serial number as a seed to then calculate the BACnet Device Id so that it falls within the 4,194,303 max. This calculated value will be unique to every other Continuum BACnet Devices default BACnet Device Id so you should be fine when newer controllers are being added to existing sites.

If you want to ensure there are no address conflicts though you may want to set the value yourself when commissioning the controllers through creating the Device object manually and setting the BACnet Device Id at that time or if the device is already configured delete it from the BACnet side and then edit it from the Infinity side and enter a new and unique device id, then perform a find BACnet devices to bring the device back on the BACnet side with its new device id.

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