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Controlling LonWorks sunblind actuator results in incorrect end position


When opening (pull up) sunblind, it stops at the end of runtime and then rolls back down. When closing (pull down) sunblind, it stops at the end of runtime and then rolls back up.


Lonworks devices including REG-N MSE4 (SVEA 32237-346) Sunblind actuators


The sunblinds only have UP/DOWN functions, and there is no panel angle setting. The sunblinds are not venetian, just simple sunblinds.

The sunblind actuator is preconfigured for use with venetian blinds.

For example when driving down completely first the motor is energised for the time configured in UCPTdownDriveTime, then stops a short moment and then turns the angle of the lamella by energising the motor for the time configured in UCPTpanelTurnTime (dependent on the value of parameter UCPTdownPanelAngle).


When not  using venetian blinds the parameters UCPTdownPanelAngle, UCPTupPanelAngle, UCPTpanelTurnTime and UCPTpanelTurnTimeBottom should be set to zero.

Commands to the sunblind actuator then should as well have the value of zero in the rotation part of the SNVTsetting command.

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