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Controlling distribution of license modules in Vista 5


When running TAC Vista in a Network environment, there are several ways of setting up the license system. Sometimes, TAC Vista nodes (Vista users) "steal" license modules for each other.


Vista in network

Flexnet license


When various TAC Vista systems are pointed to the same license server, one server can take or "steal" e.g. an OPC Client license which another server should use.


For a complete explanation about the license system and how to setup the system and control licenses, refer to this video.

A useful tool to use is the Options file, with the .opt file extension.

Located in the License files folder, its easily monitored in a text editor, and could be used for Reserving or Excluding license modules for other TAC Vista nodes. Other features available for the Options file can be found in the Flexnet Licensing End User Guide.

1: Make a file called taclic.opt and place it in the same directory as the license files.

2: Edit the file with notepad and make the reservations you need. The syntax for each line in the file is "command amount feature HOST host". The feature names can be seen in the license files. Here is an example on how to reserve an OPC Client license for a PC called "BMS_SERVER_1"

3: Restart the license server.

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