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Converting a 7793 Sav file to a 7798


Downloading a save for a 7793 MCI to a 7798 MCI, what needs to be done to accomplish this task.


All versions of I/Net that uses both the 7793 MCI and 7798 MCI.


System running multiple controllers and wants to switch out one for another for functional purposes.


Note: This only works if you are using the first address points of the 7793 MCI.

  1. Start I/NET and go to the Offline Editor
  2. Connect to the 7793 MCI and select copy
  3. Create the file and choose the 7798 MCI
  4. Once completed, connect to the 7798 MCI and go to Resident I/O point.
  5. Verify that the point addresses are correct
  6. Make necessary changes to names, add, delete, modify accordingly
  7. Once completed, save and exit.
  8. Connect to the 7798 MCI and select Software Restore, then download the new save file to the controller.
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