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Converting a LonMaker database to NL220


Migrating from LonMaker to NL220





Changing LNS management tools.


If both Lon Maker and NL220 reside on the PC:

Migrating from LonMaker (or other LNS management tool) to NL220, all that is required is the LNS database.  NL220 will recognize the LNS Databases which have already been created in LonMaker. Open the database in NL220. There is no need to recommission online devices, so no credits need to be re-purchased.


If the LNS must be transferred onto a PC that only has NL220 installed:

  1. Take a copy of the Folder located in the directory Lm/Db/[name of project]/files
  2. Place this folder in C:\NLPrj\[name of project]\files
  3. Create a new Project in NL220
  4. Name the project
  5. Select 'open an existing database'
  6. Browse to the Project path (C:\NLPrj\)
  7. Select OK.

NOTE: Migrating from NL220 (or other LNS management tool) back to LonMaker is a little less seamless because LonMaker utilizes proprietary Visio drawings for viewing the network, and these are not native to the LNS database.  Viewing the network may be difficult with the automatically generated Visio drawings.

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