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Converting an Access Expert site from V2 to V3


How to convert from V2 to V3


  • Access Expert
  • Win 8.1 and above
  • Hosted
  • Version 2
  • Version 3


There are no directions on how to convert a Hosted Site on V2 to V3


When converting from V2 to V3 there are a few things that need to be verified first before attempting this action:

  1. Verify that the site does not have any SSC's that are configured as FN-4502, this information would have to be passed on prior to attempting the conversion by creating a case at
  2. Once the all clear has been given by PSS, then the process can be started.
  3. Using two monitors bring up an instance on each for comparison
  4. Verfiy that all users, Access Levels, Schedules, Trigger and Procedures etc are in place
  5. Once confident, then connect to each SSC and change the Host IP name from the to
  6. Click on the View All Hardware Icon to see when the SSC comes online
  7. Once this happens, click on the Update firmware to get to the latest version downloaded to the controller
  8. When the device comes back online, verfiy that all the sub devices comes online as well
  9. If not then perform a Push Controller Database to the controller again
  10. When the controller comes online, all the subdevices should come online as well as Readers etc.
  11. At this point everything in V2 will become Unknown and can then be deactivated
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