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Could not learn in a new 3rd Party BACnet device


When executing a Find New BACnet Device a third party controller (Alerton) would not come into the system.


  • CyberStation
  • BACnet
  • Alerton


  1. The third party device did not have a name assigned to it.
  2. Duplicate device id on the network.


  1. Check with third party vendor to determine how to assign a name to the device
  2. When devices from different vendors are used it is possible to have device id duplication which will prevent one or more of the devices to be found. If device id duplication is detected, Continuum will indicate the condition in the error log. To solve the problem you must change the device id of one of the devices so that they all have unique device ids.
  3. You can determine which devices are duplicating by running acctrace and a wireshark while doing a Find New Bacnet and then looking in the database for these objects. If you cannot interpret what is found in those traces, send them to PSS for analysis.
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